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Hello, I'm a London-based composer always on the lookout for new ways to use sound to help create immersive experiences.

Since graduating from King's College London with a 1st-class degree in music, I have written and produced music for production libraries, video games, theatre, documentaries and short films.


I’ve most recently worked on the music and sound design for the video games Get Packed (2020) by Moonshine Studios (which received the Cloud Gaming Award: Party game of the year) and Jurassic World: Aftermath (2020) by Coatsink, alongside Vince Webb (Audio Lead) and Chris Whiter. I had such a great time working on these projects, and especially enjoyed getting to do some voice acting.

Writing music for productions libraries such as EMI, Universal and BMG has also allowed me to continually explore a wide range of music styles and techniques and develop as a composer. My tracks have been used on ads and television programs across the globe (A Place in the Sun, Songs of Praise, Panorama, Rip Off Britain), appearing on channels such as Sky One, BBC, Channel 4, ITV1. 



Awards: London Independent Film Award for ‘Best Original Score’ - Chocolate Cake (2018)

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