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Astronimo (2023)

This construction platform puzzler was great to work on and involved using a more live instrument palette. I enjoyed writing music for the Ice and Swamp planets, as well as the Yule moon, just in time for Christmas!

Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Aftermath (2021)

Working on the music for this VR title with Vince Webb and Chris Whiter was an awesome experience and gave me a chance to work with a more orchestral/horror sound world. It was also a great honour, as the session French horn player, to record some of the iconic lines from the original film soundtrack.

Get Packed

Get Packed: Fully Loaded (2021)

Getting to work on the music and sound design in this couch co-op alongside audio lead Vince Webb and Chris Whiter was a real treat. Getting my voice acting debut wasn't bad either.

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol: Grand Prix (2022)

Writing a couple of tracks in this racing game for composer Chris Whiter was super fun, as was recording all of the guitar and bass in the game.


Libera - Forever (2023)

Writing the opening track for Libera boys choirs' latest album (the choir that I grew up singing in) was a huge honour and a real pleasure. It didn't do too badly in the charts either...


Paperclips (2023 - Unreleased)

Although sadly never released, I learned a lot as the Audio Lead for this VR title by Metaphoric Games, which boasted over 32 mini games and a variety of music tracks to match.

Hearth & Honey

Hearth & Honey (2023)

A very cozy building sim for Mobile by Lunch Ghost Studios which I had the pleasure of doing the Music & Sound Design for.


Karymba (2020 - )

This project involved working with a school and several other composers to design a program for whole classes to learn how to sight read music. This involved writing tracks which each tackled a new rhythmic, or melodic concept. See an example below!


Music Design VR (2020)

During lockdown, excited by the possibilities of music in VR, myself and a couple of composer friends spent time exploring the possibilities of interacting with music meaningfully in a VR space. Below are a few of my examples, but feel free to check out the YT page. Excuse the Hawaiian shirt.


Selection of Production Music and more Game music...

Some examples of production music from the past few years, which has been featured on everything from television programs such as Law & Order, Panorama and Come Dine With Me, to rugby stadiums during the six-nations tournament. Everything from rock stompers to balkan music in 11/8. Enjoy!

And finally, some music from game jams and games which just never made it to publishing. But I still love them!

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